You're Not in Kansas Anymore (Part 3)

Dorothy left Munchkinland searching for the Wizard, but it turned out the Emerald City was not the end of her journey. Throughout her adventures, her main focus was getting to Oz. Ultimately, however, Dorothy and her traveling partners were on a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. By the time they reached the man behind the curtain, what they’d found was themselves.

The same will very likely be true for you. What you think you want to accomplish academically today may change as you progress through your journey of professional development. You will learn that you are good at things you never realized! You will start to see opportunities present themselves around nearly every corner, once you know what they look like. You will discover how you prefer to learn, and how you best learn.

You may also find that there is more than one definition of professional development. When they were in the Emerald City, Dorothy was amazed by the Horse of a Different Color. She thought horses could only look one way. Many people are stuck in that same frame of mind when it comes to education. Maybe it’s a degree related to your military occupation, but perhaps it’s not. Maybe it’s a professional certification or license. There are plenty of non-traditional opportunities to better yourself. Regardless of how *you* define it, education and professional development serve as vehicles to get you to the next level of your career, in or out of the military.

And you may find yourself having to navigate detours along the way. It's ok if you have to take some time off due to deployments or to take care of family or other personal issues. Dorothy and her team got off track, falling asleep in the field of cursed poppies. But they persevered and continued their journey. The Yellow Brick Road was still there when they were ready, and the same is true for you.

The entire journey begins with that first step, and you're not alone - find ACT NOW on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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